Gilberto's Gourmet Goodness

It isn't GOODNESS unless it's GILBERTO'S!

Commissary Kitchen

The Brown Dog Family Kitchen is more than just the home of Gilberto's Gourmet Goodness--it's also home to over 25 other local Northern Colorado food businesses that are hot hot HOT!  


We offer several different tiers of rental rates that include different equipment and storage options.  With a flexible, 24/7 availability for rental, and good people who care about your business and success, the Brown Dog Family Kitchen is NoCo's premiere commissary for all the right reasons.



Rental Rates

BDFK offers three different options for rental--all options have a one hour minimum.  You may only rent at one rate per day.


$15/hour: for prep or dishwashing

$22.50/hour: all of the above plus use of the range and oven

$30/hour: all of the above plus use of the 40 gallon kettles


At the two lower rates, you may be sharing the kitchen with another great company.  The $30/hour rate gets you access to the entire facility without another company being eligible to rent at the same time.


Sign up for kitchen time is first-come, first-served.  You may sign up for your rental up to 8 weeks in advance.


Food trucks/carts have a different rental structure, in which they are provided with up to 6 hours of dishwashing or prep monthly at a rate of $100 per month.  Additional hours or storage are subject to the normal charges.

Available Equipment

Depending on your rental rate, you may use the following equipment at our facility!


3 hole sinks

Prep sinks

10 burner gas range

Double oven (2 racks per oven)

Stainless steel tables

2-40 gallon steam jacketed kettles

Immersion blender

Custom-made filler

Labeling machine

2 walk-in coolers



For $50 monthly, you are welcome to bring in an NSF, stainless steel rack on wheels to keep in our dry storage room.  This fee also includes 24/7 use of our walk-in coolers (for those companies who choose not to pay the storage fee, use of the coolers is allowed only during the hours in which they are paying to rent the facility).  If you decide at any point that storage isn't necessary for you, or that you would like to add storage to your rental, we will happily prorate the cost for you.

Security Deposit

We require a non-refundable security deposit of $100.00.


Our Wonderful Community

Our commissary kitchen is home to many recognizable names in the Northern Colorado food industry!


We proudly support the many wonderful local food companies who choose our commissary kitchen to call their home!  Whether they are caterers, food carts, or manufacturers, our facility is a great place to work--or play--with their food!